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Samantha Li, the creator of “P on P” art form, graduated with a major in Fine Arts from the University of Hong Kong. With passionate love for art, she is also one of the first artists from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Plus.

Since her early life, Samantha has shown great enthusiasm in literature and arts, especially painting and photography. Other than different provinces in the mainland China, she has also visited many countries around the world. The travelling experience is a real eye-opener for her – after viewing the colourful world with different cultures, she is inspired by the relationship between human and animals, and determined to capture the scenes with her cameras and brushes.

Just like many young people, Samantha sees the world with curiosity and imagination. She then comes up with an idea to combine photography and painting, the two artistic media that she has most affection in, into a new art form – painting with imagination on the real-life photos after digital processing – with a hope that people can share her thoughts through her artistic prospects. Thereupon, the original “P on P” (Painting on Photo) series of artworks is created.

The “P on P” artworks were successively exhibited in the City Hall, Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Plus, Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, and Hong Kong Central Library Exhibition Gallery, and Louvre Museum at Paris, receiving widespread concern.

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